When was the Association formed?
One of the longest serving community agencies in Alberta, the Wetaskiwin and District Association for Community Service was incorporated in 1964.

What does the Association do?
The WDACS is a parent-founded, not-for-profit organization designed to provide quality community programs and services for adults and children with disabilities. Serving the Wetaskiwin and District area for more than 46 years, the Association has been a leader in promoting equality and inclusion for persons who have developmental disabilities.
The Association provides a variety of residential services, unique community options programs for youths and adults and other services as required.

Who does the Association serve today?
Through our alternative to employment program, Connections serves about 45 individuals each year. Adults attend the program year-round, while children and youths access our services during school closures including the school’s summer break. We serve 30 adults who have disabilities in our residential program. We operate five homes in Wetaskiwin,  a  Lifestyle Options Program where an individual lives with a family, and Independent Living Services (ILS).

Is there a duplication of services with Horizons Centre and Catholic Social Services?
No. While all three organizations provide services to persons with disabilities, the services are different. Persons with disabilities should not be stereotyped – they are as diverse as any other segments of society, and they have as many different needs as you or me. They, their parents or guardians need to have choices in the type of programs they want. The Association specializes in working with those individuals who have severe and often multiple disabilities. The needs of these folks are quite unique. Specialized care and programs must be made available in order for them to have an opportunity for meaningful community integration. The Association has a state-of–the–art facility designed to meet the unique needs of the people we support.

The Association also has a long and successful history of providing residential services.
The three organizations have a good track record of collaborating with each other to ensure there is good coordination of services so that the diverse needs of persons with disabilities are met in our community.

What is the Pumpkin Ball?
Our primary fundraiser is the Annual Pumpkin Ball held in the third week of October. It began in 1974 and, after almost 40 years, continues to be hugely successful due to the charitable nature of the Wetaskiwin community. What started off as an idea to auction tea candles in the 70’s has evolved into a major live and silent auction of pumpkins artfully decorated by many different people, businesses, schools and community groups.