Vision and Mission

VISION:  A community which includes and values people of all abilities. 

MISSION:  We are leaders in quality service, masters of what we do and drivers of social change.

We will be:

  • Leaders in quality service. WDACS is committed to enhancing the quality of life for people living with disabilities. We provide respectful care and support to everyone weserve so that each individual is empowered to make effective choices that s ustain a healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Masters of what we do. The services we provide for individuals living with disabilities will be done with excellence and will be expanded with respect to clients, accessibility, options.
  • Drivers of social change. As advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves, we will lobby for greater inclusionin society and for clients’ participation in all aspects of our community based on respect and fairness for all.


1. Accessible and inclusive services responsive to individuals' needs

2. Strong organizational capacity

3. Skilled staff who work towards continuous improvement

4. Effective leadership who build a collaborative workplace

marcel and blair Gary Kitchen Prepunloading club wagon