What We Do

In addition to the main facility housing the Connections day program and the offices, WDACS operates 5 residences designed to provide a home –like atmosphere with 24 hour/day support and care, and administers the Lifestyle Options Program (LOP) that allows individuals to live in a home setting with a family.

  • Connections: This program is designed to allow people with multiple disabilities to be integral members of their community through volunteerism and recreation. Individuals are treated with dignity and respect by creating individualized programs created to maximize their life experience and personal skills.
  • Residential Program: The five residences operated by WDACS are staffed by caring individuals who provide 24 hour per day supervision and support. Since every residence is truly the home of several clients, each one functions uniquely as required to effectively serve those living there. At the same time, the homes are operated in alignment with provincial licensing and certification policies.
  • Lifestyle Options: This program allows individuals to live in a private home as part of a family. Some of the WDACS clients have been with an LOP family for close to 20 years. This setting provides a great opportunity for individuals to live as active members of their community.
  • Other groups: As part of the WDACS commitment to community services, several other agencies use our Snoezelen room. (Controlled multisensory stimulation has been found to be helpful for people with developmental disabilities, and involves exposing them to a soothing and stimulating environment. A Snoezelen room is specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, etc. The combination of different materials on a wall may also be explored using tactile senses.).