Vision, Mission and Core Values

We are a collaborative service provider and are responsive to individual needs in our learning environment and in individuals’ homes.

All of our decisions, actions, and attitudes reach to our core values for their framework and direction. Our core values guide us in carrying out our roles and daily responsibilities.

– Respect for the people we serve and for one another.

– Excellence in all we do (with Integrity, Accountability and Responsibility)

– Advocacy for those who cannot speak for themselves

C – Community Inclusion

H – Health-filled Lives (Body, Mind and Spirit)

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WDACS Philosophy

We believe that individuals

  • deserve respect for their inherent self-worth and dignity;
  • are, along with their support network, a full partner in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the services accessed;
  • are part of creating a safe environment to live, work and play;
  • will receive services in the least restrictive and most personally and culturally sensitive environment possible
  • are capable of adapting their skills to circumvent their disability and/or acquiring greater skills despite their disability;
  • are capable of emotional growth;
  • have the same rights as any member of the community and can exercise those rights without fear of  retribution.